The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom and Ireland
Herd Book Number 02645003 Twin Code None
Eartag BFL.J5 Date of Birth 01/02/1994
Register Supplementary Grade None
Breeder G G Baynes and Son Herd Book Year 1994
Owner G G Baynes and Son Colour Red Little White
Sire Dam
Rel%MilkFat kgPro kgFat%Pro%Pro%PIN£PLI
Bull PTA
£PLI Reliability SCC Fertility Index
84% 1 -2.8
Progeny Classifications
10 8 13 2 0 1
131 Progeny
NameHerd Book NumSexBirth DateRegisterGrade
NEJAY TINY G 7802684991 F 11/12/2006 Main None
GLANHIRWEN BRIDESMAID 36TH02679196 F 19/06/2004 Main None
GLANHIRWEN PANSY 17TH VG 8602679195 F 09/06/2004 Main None
MARLEYCOTE TOP GUN02680621 M 13/03/2004 Main None
TREWORLIS LOLLY 25TH02678882 F 06/03/2004 Main None
CARGENWEN BESSIE 13TH02678874 F 21/02/2004 Main None
MARLEYCOTE FLEUR 11TH GP 8002678633 F 13/02/2004 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 66TH02678500 F 15/01/2004 Main None
CARGENWEN BESSIE 12TH02678355 F 16/12/2003 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 65TH02678011 F 15/12/2003 Main None
NEJAY BEAUTY 5TH GP 8202678009 F 29/11/2003 Main None
GLANHIRWEN LADY DARLINGTON 16TH02677960 F 17/11/2003 Main None
GLANHIRWEN LADY 70TH02677748 F 25/10/2003 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 30TH02677549 F 27/09/2003 Main None
DRISGOL GUARDSMAN02677901 M 18/09/2003 Main None
DEE THORNDALE LYDIA GP 8302677138 F 16/08/2003 Main None
MARLEYCOTE WATERLOO 61ST GP 8002677393 F 14/08/2003 Main None
DEE THORNDALE JEAN VG 8802677137 F 09/08/2003 Main None
RODWAY BARRINGTON DUCHESS 97TH02677074 F 29/07/2003 Main None
STRICKLEY ILLA PRINCESS 31ST02677198 F 02/07/2003 Main None
GLANHIRWEN LADY 68TH02677743 F 22/06/2003 Main None
DEE THORNDALE ROSE VG 8502677131 F 07/06/2003 Main None
NEJAY ROYALTY02677527 M 06/06/2003 Main None
GELLI BEAUTY 2ND02676275 F 15/05/2003 Main None
STRICKLEY GOLDIE 151ST GP 8302676588 F 18/03/2003 Main None
DRISGOL MADONNAS PRINCE EX 9602676130 M 16/03/2003 Main None
GLANHIRWEN DESERT RAT02676313 M 16/03/2003 Main None
GELLI VERACITY02676274 F 12/03/2003 Main None
MARLEYCOTE MAVERICK EX 9002680233 M 23/02/2003 Main None
HEDGEHOG THORNDALE MARGARET 7TH02680079 F 18/11/2002 Main None
RODWAY BONTJE 4TH02674960 F 01/11/2002 Main None
PEARTREE SPARKY023714131 F 05/10/2002 Grading Foundation
GLANHIRWEN BRIDESMAID 34TH02674423 F 26/09/2002 Main None
HEDGEHOG THORNDALE SHARN02674684 F 15/08/2002 Main None
GLANHIRWEN FOGGATHORPE 4TH VG 8702674160 F 15/07/2002 Main None
GLANHIRWEN FOGGATHORPE 5TH GP 8302674161 F 15/07/2002 Main None
ROWFOLD ROSANNA02673076 F 08/05/2002 Main None
GLANHIRWEN PANSY 14TH EX 9002673107 F 26/04/2002 Main None
GLANHIRWEN BRIDESMAID 33RD H3 7702673106 F 24/04/2002 Main None
ROMANY PRUDENCE023689771 F 03/01/2002 Grading Foundation
FORCETT WILD DAISY 444TH02672705 F 25/10/2001 Main None
FORCETT BATES REDROSE 94TH02672704 F 24/10/2001 Main None
MARLEYCOTE PRINCESS JILL 17TH EX 9002671038 F 13/09/2001 Supplementary None
KILLEANY PRINCE02670372 M 29/04/2001 Supplementary None
DEE THORNDALE HOOTON-QUEEN VG 8702670059 F 08/02/2001 Supplementary None
CARGENWEN FILLPAIL 9TH02670752 F 03/02/2001 Supplementary None
DEE THORNDALE LASS02668235 F 16/12/2000 Supplementary None
FORCETT BARRINGTON DUCHESS 112TH02672693 F 16/12/2000 Main None
FORCETT WILD DAISY 439TH02672692 F 13/12/2000 Main None
ROVER PRINCESS 2ND02674430 F 04/11/2000 Grading Foundation
RANSBORO PRIMROSE 18TH02672073 F 15/09/2000 Supplementary None
BROOKSTEADS CARMETA 8TH02673093 F 23/07/2000 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 13TH02667815 F 18/07/2000 Supplementary None
BROOKSTEADS STAR P 6402666977 F 03/04/2000 Supplementary None
DEE WINEBERRY02666667 F 27/03/2000 Supplementary None
DEE FOGGATHORPE LASS EX 9302665745 F 30/12/1999 Supplementary None
ROVER PRINCESS02671767 F 15/12/1999 Grading Grade A
BROOKSTEADS MELODY02665521 F 10/10/1999 Supplementary None
ROVER LOFTY02671766 F 28/09/1999 Supplementary None
PETLEY OXFORD 33RD02666063 F 14/08/1999 Supplementary None
GIBBSHILL WILDEYES 3RD028696347 F 27/04/1999 Main - G None
WARDON BARRINGTON DUCHESS 77TH02663809 F 11/03/1999 Supplementary None
WARDON HYACINTH 76TH02663808 F 03/03/1999 Supplementary None
WARDON SUNBEAM 123RD02663807 F 21/02/1999 Supplementary None
GIBBSHILL RUBY028693591 F 17/12/1998 Main - G None
PLOVERHILL MADELINE 14TH02665639 F 11/11/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BARRINGTON ROSE 17TH02665638 F 20/10/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT BATES REDROSE 86TH02672196 F 13/10/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BARRINGTON 29TH02665637 F 06/10/1998 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON DAIRYMAID 4TH02663296 F 25/09/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY MARIE 40TH02663138 F 20/09/1998 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 339TH GP 8402662729 F 14/09/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY MARIE 39TH02663109 F 06/09/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY LADY LAURA 60TH02663135 F 04/09/1998 Supplementary None
WARDON SHAMROCK 19TH02662010 F 02/09/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY FOGGATHORPE PRIMROSE 18TH EX 9102663107 F 30/08/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL LADY NOTTINGHAM 71ST02661728 F 27/08/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY BARRINGTON DUCHESS 89TH02663104 F 21/08/1998 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE PEGGY 2ND EX 9202662726 F 19/08/1998 Supplementary None
RODWAY FOGGATHORPE PRIMROSE 17TH02663101 F 19/08/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY LILLIAN G 7902661605 F 12/08/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 32ND02661393 F 04/08/1998 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE GAY DINAH 4TH02661175 F 02/07/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BRIDESMAID 29TH02661727 F 30/06/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT RED QUEEN 55TH02672191 F 25/06/1998 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 336TH VG 8602661172 F 17/06/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT WILD DAISY 415TH GP 8102672190 F 08/06/1998 Supplementary None
SLALEA MAUREEN 3RD GP 8302661181 F 08/06/1998 Grading Grade B
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 335TH02661170 F 20/05/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BARRINGTON 28TH02661724 F 14/05/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY PRINCESS EX 9502661071 F 13/05/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT WILD DAISY 414TH02672189 F 07/05/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT RITA 36TH H3 7502672188 F 05/05/1998 Supplementary None
FORCETT RITA 35TH H3 7802672187 F 02/05/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY ENID 5TH02660663 F 28/04/1998 Supplementary None
BULWICK SILVIA 20TH02662685 F 21/03/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 31ST VG 8602660389 F 10/03/1998 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 30TH02660388 F 09/03/1998 Supplementary None
BULWICK WILD QUEEN 32ND02662684 F 04/03/1998 Supplementary None
STORLEY ROSALIND02663483 F 26/02/1998 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL LADY NOTTINGHAM 70TH GP 8002661725 F 22/02/1998 Supplementary None
CHURCHROYD SWEET WATERLOO 7TH02663896 F 22/02/1998 Supplementary None
ROMANY VIRGINIA023690400 F 06/02/1998 Grading Foundation
PLOVERHILL LADY NOTTINGHAM 68TH02661723 F 28/12/1997 Supplementary None
BULWICK MAUD 8TH02662683 F 24/12/1997 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BEGGARMAID 29TH02661722 F 14/12/1997 Supplementary None
FORCETT WILD DAISY 411TH H2 8102659927 F 30/11/1997 Supplementary None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 8TH02659291 F 18/11/1997 Supplementary None
ROMANY SNOWY 2ND023696051 F 27/10/1997 Grading Foundation
RODWAY FENNIGJEN 2ND02660079 F 24/09/1997 Supplementary None
HUTCHINWOOD THORNDALE DAIRYMAID 3RD02660832 F 23/09/1997 Supplementary None
HUTCHINWOOD THORNDALE PIPPIN 2ND02666913 F 19/09/1997 Supplementary None
RODWAY LADY LAURA 58TH H3 7602660076 F 15/09/1997 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 329TH GP 8402659023 F 14/09/1997 Supplementary None
RODWAY LADY BARRINGTON 8TH H3 7602660075 F 11/09/1997 Supplementary None
RODWAY TOPSY 12TH VG 8802660074 F 07/09/1997 Supplementary None
NEJAY ROSIEBELLE 2ND H4 7302658400 F 03/09/1997 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE THORNDALE BATES 63RD02659022 F 25/08/1997 Supplementary None
RODWAY CACTUS 59TH GP 8202660071 F 25/08/1997 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL ADA 85TH02658812 F 22/08/1997 Supplementary None
PLOVERHILL BUTTERCUP 7TH02658811 F 21/08/1997 Supplementary None
RODWAY BUTTERBUR 26TH02660070 F 18/08/1997 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 25TH H2 8402658045 F 27/07/1997 Supplementary None
CHURCHROYD GENTLE 26TH EX 9002658172 F 09/07/1997 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE DIANA 3RD H3 7702658324 F 09/07/1997 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 24TH H2 8402657844 F 30/06/1997 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 23RD H4 7402657843 F 17/06/1997 Supplementary None
CLOUDVIEW PRINCESS FURBELOW 15TH02658483 F 24/04/1997 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE DEWDROP GP 8102656211 F 30/12/1996 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE BARBARA 32ND02656021 F 14/10/1996 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 318TH EX 9002655188 F 17/06/1996 Supplementary None