The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom and Ireland
Herd Book Number 02639724 Twin Code None
Eartag OJA.G38 Date of Birth 08/06/1992
Register Main Grade Pure
Breeder Mr. A.J. Orsler and Miss S.E.Orsler Herd Book Year 1992
Owner Mr. A.J. Orsler and Miss S.E.Orsler Colour Roan
Sire Dam
Rel%MilkFat kgPro kgFat%Pro%Pro%PIN£PLI
Progeny Classifications
2 7 7 3 4 2
188 Progeny
NameHerd Book NumSexBirth DateRegisterGrade
OXTON OLW FOGGATHORPE 968027733258 F 22/04/2020 Main - O Pure
BRADHILL BARRINGTON LORD028731022 M 28/07/2019 Main - G None
BRADHILL MATADOR028730682 M 22/06/2019 Main - G None
MOORRIGGS DAFFODIL 4028730485 F 07/01/2019 Main - G None
MARSHSIDE ROSETTE027721363 F 17/11/2018 Main - O Pure
BRADHILL MILLIONAIRE028720886 M 25/07/2018 Main - G None
BRADHILL LADY LAURA028720462 F 08/04/2018 Main - G None
BRADHILL GENEVA WILDEYES028714107 F 26/12/2017 Main - G None
OXTON OLW WILDEYES 918027716902 F 04/04/2017 Main - O Pure
MARLEYCOTE TULIP 15028708680 F 19/07/2014 Main - G None
KENPREST EMPRESS OF PRUSSIA 3023708259 F 17/06/2014 Grading Foundation
MARSTONMONT FILLPAIL 11TH027702700 F 10/10/2012 Main - O Pure
MARSTONMONT LADY SERENE 4TH027702158 F 26/07/2012 Main - O Pure
HOOK RUBY 50TH027701792 F 19/04/2012 Main - O Pure
HOOK MAUDE 37TH027701790 F 05/02/2012 Main - O Pure
BROOKSTEADS MELODY 29TH028699490 F 17/08/2011 Main - G None
PENFOLD PRIMROSE023698000 F 15/01/2011 Grading Grade A
MARSTONMONT SAMANTA 4TH028696645 F 01/08/2010 Main - G None
MARSTONMONT LADY BARRINGTON 9TH029696083 F 16/07/2010 Appendix None
MARSTONMONT ECHO 2ND027695695 F 31/03/2010 Main - O Pure
CASTLEDALE RUTH 11TH VG 87027695216 F 20/03/2010 Main - O Pure
CASTLEDALE STRAWBERRY 6TH028695215 F 11/03/2010 Main - G None
CASTLEDALE PATRICK028693315 M 30/10/2009 Main - G None
SUIRVALLEY WALTON027692951 M 15/10/2009 Main - O Pure
MARSTONMONT FLORENCE 2ND028693050 F 21/09/2009 Main - G None
MARSTONMONT LADY BARRINGTON 7TH028692204 F 30/07/2009 Main - G None
STRICKLEY STARLET 106TH028692308 F 28/07/2009 Main - G None
MARSTONMONT FILLPAIL 3RD027692201 F 01/06/2009 Main - O Pure
HOOK MAUDE 35TH027691536 F 09/05/2009 Main - O Pure
MARSTONMONT LADY SERENE 2ND027691279 F 10/04/2009 Main - O Pure
HOOK RUBY 47TH027691534 F 31/03/2009 Main - O Pure
BALLYSHANE LORD WALTON027692932 M 03/03/2009 Main - O Pure
MARSTONMONT WEBBO028691278 M 14/02/2009 Main - G None
BROOKSTEADS STAR 15TH VG 85027690073 F 22/10/2008 Main - O Pure
PENFOLD ROSIE023689730 F 19/10/2008 Grading Grade A
LARAVAE LUCKY VERA 2ND027689144 F 31/07/2008 Main - O Pure
LARAVAE VERA 3RD027689145 F 31/07/2008 Main - O Pure
HOOK VERA 26TH027689019 F 18/06/2008 Main - O Pure
BALLYTRAIN FANNY027690424 F 23/03/2008 Main - O Pure
HOOK RUBY 46TH027688198 F 07/02/2008 Main - O Pure
HOOK RUBY WATERLOO 59TH02686966 F 04/11/2007 Main Pure
PENFOLD DAISY02686751 F 15/10/2007 Grading Grade A
LISNAMULLIGAN WALTON02685656 M 01/06/2007 Main None
LISNAMULLIGAN JANE 2ND02685654 F 10/05/2007 Main None
CARGENWEN KINGCUP 8TH02686059 F 16/04/2007 Main Pure
COTONHALL DAIRYMAID 2ND VG 8502686918 F 05/12/2006 Main None
BROOKSTEADS PRIMROSE 5TH02684618 F 23/10/2006 Main Pure
HOOK RUBY 45TH02684596 F 11/10/2006 Main Pure
MARLEYCOTE BRIDAL REQUEST GP 8402684798 F 05/10/2006 Main None
BROOKSTEADS DAINTY PRINCESS 3RD02684616 F 05/10/2006 Main None
BROOKSTEADS STAR 8TH02684612 F 25/08/2006 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 43RD02684475 F 18/08/2006 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 42ND02684474 F 14/08/2006 Main None
COTONHALL DUCHESS ANN 3RD G 7902686915 F 03/08/2006 Main None
MOORRIGGS BESSIE BROWNEYES 2ND GP 8202684308 F 25/07/2006 Main None
CARGENWEN BESSIE 14TH02684184 F 06/07/2006 Main None
LISNAMULLIGAN FAIRWAY EX 9302683630 M 14/06/2006 Main Pure
BROOKSTEADS NAOMI 4TH02683664 F 14/05/2006 Main Pure
MILLRISE ROBERT02684459 M 09/05/2006 Main Pure
CARGENWEN FILLPAIL 20TH02683621 F 19/04/2006 Main None
COTONHALL DUCHESS ANN 2ND GP 8102686914 F 11/04/2006 Main None
BROOKSTEADS MELODY 9TH027690079 F 19/03/2006 Main - O Pure
RANSBORO SABINA023698406 F 13/03/2006 Grading Foundation
MILLRISE STAR02684458 F 11/03/2006 Main Pure
BALLYSHANE ROSANNE 4TH (IRISH SH)IE241626390764 F 08/03/2006 Imported None
STRICKLEY GOLDIE 175TH VG 8602683062 F 01/01/2006 Main None
BROOKSTEADS MELODY 8TH02682689 F 15/12/2005 Main None
BROOKSTEADS DAINTY PRINCESS 2ND02682687 F 05/11/2005 Main None
COTONHALL DAIRYMAID 1ST F 7402686913 F 25/10/2005 Main None
BROOKSTEADS NAOMI 3RD02682686 F 23/10/2005 Grading Foundation
STRICKLEY GOLDIE 174TH VG 8502682788 F 16/10/2005 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 39TH02682529 F 06/10/2005 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 38TH02682528 F 28/09/2005 Main None
COTONHALL DUCHESS ANN 1ST GP 8102686912 F 12/09/2005 Main None
CARGENWEN MELODY02682338 F 02/09/2005 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 37TH02682337 F 13/08/2005 Main None
BROOKSTEADS STAR 6TH02681876 F 29/06/2005 Main None
BALLYTRAIN LADY WALTON (IRISH SH)IE291195580369 F 25/01/2005 Imported None
BRINSBURY TINY02680194 F 08/09/2004 Main None
BRINSBURY SNOWQUEEN02680195 F 08/09/2004 Main Pure
BRINSBURY LADY 2ND02680193 F 30/08/2004 Main Pure
OXTON WILDEYES 565TH VG 8502679960 F 07/06/2004 Main Pure
STRICKLEY LADY HERMIONE 6TH F 6902679998 F 04/06/2004 Main None
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 570TH G 7802679004 F 31/05/2004 Main Pure
OXTON WILDEYES 562ND F 7402679002 F 29/05/2004 Main Pure
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 569TH GP 8202678999 F 28/05/2004 Main Pure
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 568TH02679000 F 28/05/2004 Main Pure
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 566TH02678995 F 06/05/2004 Main Pure
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 565TH EX 9302678994 F 03/05/2004 Main Pure
STRICKLEY STARLET 67TH P 6002678915 F 21/04/2004 Main None
OXTON WILDEYES 558TH02678645 F 27/03/2004 Main Pure
OXTON LORD FOGGATHORPE02678757 M 11/03/2004 Main Pure
OXTON WATERLOO ROSE 11TH F 7402678644 F 11/03/2004 Main Pure
CROSSBANE XBELLA02684382 F 10/03/2004 Main None
OXTON WILDEYES 557TH P 6202678643 F 17/02/2004 Main Pure
OXTON FOGGATHORPE 561ST02678642 F 08/02/2004 Main None
OXTON LADY FURBELOW02678511 F 15/01/2004 Main Pure
OXTON CLARISSA 14TH02678254 F 29/12/2003 Main Pure
OXTON WILDEYES 556TH G 7802678253 F 27/12/2003 Main Pure
PEWTERHOUSE CROCIA 2ND02678040 F 21/12/2003 Main Pure
PEWTERHOUSE NETTIE 4TH02677838 F 30/10/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY ANNABELLA 123RD02678186 F 19/10/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY GERI 4TH GP 8002678183 F 03/10/2003 Main None
BRINSBURY DAIRYMAID02677487 F 21/09/2003 Main Pure
BRINSBURY MOLLY02677486 F 18/09/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY STARBUD 26TH02678181 F 17/09/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY OAK BARRINGTON 7TH GP 8302677213 F 04/09/2003 Main Pure
BRINSBURY CINDERELLA02677484 F 02/09/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY PEERESS ROSE 15TH02677214 F 30/08/2003 Main Pure
STRICKLEY GOLDIE 155TH02677202 F 27/08/2003 Main Pure
RANSBORO CRESSIDA 23RD (IRISH SH)IE331499510013 F 06/08/2003 Imported None
SHOWLE WALTON POPPY02677260 F 15/07/2003 Grading Grade A
SHOWLE LORD PEERLESS02677259 M 13/07/2003 Main Pure
PEWTERHOUSE LADY ANNE02676815 F 26/06/2003 Grading Grade A
SHOWLE WALTON RITA02676388 F 17/05/2003 Grading Grade A
SIXPENNY TILDA 8TH02676105 F 05/05/2003 Main Pure
LISANYMORE JENNIE DEANS 4TH02675604 F 17/03/2003 Main Pure
CARGENWEN KINGCUP 6TH02674186 F 25/08/2002 Main Pure
CARGENWEN GRAND FILLPAIL 2ND02674184 F 23/07/2002 Main Pure
BRACKENHURST WALTON LADYLAURA02671101 F 16/05/2001 Main Pure
COURTOVER DARLING 28TH02670502 F 27/01/2001 Main Pure
COURTOVER BUTTERCUP 30TH02670501 F 24/01/2001 Main Pure
COURTOVER PERRY BRONWYN 34TH02667548 F 02/06/2000 Main Pure
SIXPENNY QUEEN 8TH02666799 F 11/03/2000 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE CHATTER 5TH VG 8602664242 F 01/05/1999 Supplementary None
MARLEYCOTE OLIVE 4TH H3 7802662736 F 03/10/1998 Supplementary None
FORDLAND CLARIBEL02662960 F 10/06/1998 Main Pure
FORDLAND BARRINGTON02660303 F 17/02/1998 Main Pure
FORDLAND LADY HERMIONE02660300 F 14/02/1998 Main Pure
FORDLAND EDNA 2ND02660298 F 24/01/1998 Main Pure
BROADLANE GEMMA 6TH02658413 F 24/08/1997 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 33RD02658412 F 16/08/1997 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 26TH02658409 F 29/07/1997 Supplementary None
BROADLANE RUBY 9TH02658408 F 08/07/1997 Supplementary None
BROADLANE SUNLIGHT 10TH02658407 F 30/06/1997 Supplementary None
BROADLANE LADY BARRINGTON 9TH02656591 F 14/12/1996 Main Pure
BROADLANE VIOLA 21ST02656590 F 29/11/1996 Main Pure
BROADLANE GOLDIE 24TH02656094 F 18/11/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE CRANBERRY 8TH02656093 F 17/11/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE BUTTERCUP 8TH02656091 F 15/09/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 23RD02656090 F 30/08/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 30TH02654993 F 16/07/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE RUBY 8TH02654990 F 02/07/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GEMMA 5TH02654991 F 02/07/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE CRANBERRY 7TH02654989 F 30/06/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MILLICENT 5TH02654988 F 19/06/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 29TH02654987 F 15/06/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 28TH02654985 F 04/06/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MOSSROSE 5TH02654984 F 01/06/1996 Main Pure
BROADLANE GOLDIE 22ND02654478 F 12/05/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MURIEL 2ND02654477 F 05/05/1996 Main Pure
BROADLANE BELLADONNA 4TH02654475 F 01/05/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE VIOLA 19TH02654474 F 16/03/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 20TH02654472 F 09/03/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 21ST02654473 F 09/03/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE SUNLIGHT 8TH02654471 F 29/02/1996 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 26TH02654470 F 30/01/1996 Main Pure
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 25TH02652933 F 11/12/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE VIOLA 18TH02652085 F 18/11/1995 Main Pure
BROADLANE VALERIE 5TH02652084 F 16/11/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE LADY LAURA 7TH02652087 F 06/10/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DAISY 21ST02652083 F 27/09/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 24TH02651513 F 25/09/1995 Supplementary None
NEJAY GWYNNE02651054 F 16/07/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MOSSROSE 4TH02650789 F 05/06/1995 Main Pure
BROADLANE BUTTERCUP 7TH02650788 F 04/06/1995 Main Pure
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 23RD02650787 F 25/05/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MOSSROSE 3RD02650786 F 24/05/1995 Main Pure
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 22ND02650785 F 19/05/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE MILLICENT 4TH02650455 F 07/05/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 21ST02650454 F 02/05/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 18TH02650453 F 01/05/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GEMMA 4TH02650452 F 20/04/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GREENLEAF 4TH02650451 F 12/04/1995 Main Pure
BROADLANE SUNLIGHT 6TH02650450 F 30/03/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 17TH02650449 F 20/03/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 20TH02650448 F 11/03/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE LOFTY 11TH02650447 F 26/02/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE GOLDIE 16TH02650111 F 30/01/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE CLEMENTINE 7TH02650110 F 23/01/1995 Supplementary None
BROADLANE VALERIE 4TH02647005 F 22/10/1994 Supplementary None
BROADLANE VIOLA 15TH02647004 F 03/09/1994 Main Pure
BROADLANE SUNLIGHT 5TH02646314 F 06/08/1994 Supplementary None
BROADLANE FLORA 3RD02646313 F 27/07/1994 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DAISY 20TH02646311 F 21/07/1994 Supplementary None
BROADLANE LOFTY 9TH02646308 F 04/07/1994 Supplementary None
BROADLANE DUCHESS GWYNNE 17TH02645317 F 04/04/1994 Supplementary None