The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom and Ireland
Herd Book Number 01554303 Twin Code None
Eartag Date of Birth 03/06/1991
Register Other Grade Pure
Breeder Herd Book Year -
Owner Colour Red And White
Sire Dam
Rel%MilkFat kgPro kgFat%Pro%Pro%PIN£PLI
Progeny Classifications
19 51 36 5 0 0
302 Progeny
NameHerd Book NumSexBirth DateRegisterGrade
AVONDALE DAISY 15028714007 F 25/12/2017 Main - G None
EARLSGIFT MERRYMAID 13028717566 F 29/06/2017 Main - G None
BRIMCLOSE DAISY 34023715388 F 21/03/2016 Grading Grade B
BRIMCLOSE LAURA 10028712833 F 12/09/2015 Main - G None
BRIMCLOSE SPARKIE 11TH029707956 F 02/04/2014 Appendix Grade B
BRIMCLOSE JESS 16TH023707915 F 21/03/2014 Grading Grade B
BRIMCLOSE SAMANTA 30TH029706592 F 28/09/2013 Appendix None
DRISGOL WATERLOO 123RD029706217 F 25/09/2013 Appendix None
BRIMCLOSE ELSIE 5TH023706607 F 25/09/2013 Grading Foundation
BRIMCLOSE MARGOT 10TH028706580 F 21/09/2013 Main - G None
DRISGOL LADY DARLINGTON 4TH028706208 F 14/09/2013 Main - G None
DRISGOL BELLADONNA 216TH VG 86029698593 F 17/03/2011 Appendix None
DRISGOL TULIP 49TH029695631 F 27/03/2010 Appendix None
DRISGOL DELILAH 81ST G 76028695621 F 19/03/2010 Main - G None
DRISGOL BRIDESMAID 47TH GP 83029695611 F 05/03/2010 Appendix None
DRISGOL DIANA 71ST GP 80028695609 F 03/03/2010 Main - G None
DRISGOL BELLADONNA 198TH028695460 F 01/03/2010 Main - G None
DRISGOL BELLA 78TH G 79029695457 F 27/02/2010 Appendix None
DRISGOL ROSE 89TH028695455 F 26/02/2010 Main - G None
DRISGOL BELLADONNA 195TH G 78028695446 F 21/02/2010 Main - G None
DRISGOL WATERLOO 106TH028691460 F 21/03/2009 Main - G None
DRISGOL FANNY 21ST029691459 F 18/03/2009 Appendix None
DRISGOL DAISY 128TH GP 82029691458 F 17/03/2009 Appendix None
DRISGOL FIREMAN SAM028691454 M 15/03/2009 Main - G None
DRISGOL ROSE 87TH029691445 F 11/03/2009 Appendix None
DRISGOL LADY SYBELLA 79TH GP 83028691437 F 07/03/2009 Main - G None
DRISGOL ROSE 85TH028691432 F 04/03/2009 Main - G None
MARLEYCOTE PEGGY 18TH (ET) GP 81028690192 F 27/10/2008 Main - G None
ABLINGTON FAIRMAID 12TH029690250 F 24/07/2008 Appendix None
ABLINGTON ORCHIS 12TH028688895 F 08/04/2008 Main - G None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 227TH02687146 F 06/12/2007 Main None
ABLINGTON LADY 11TH028688891 F 26/11/2007 Main - G None
ABLINGTON DAIRYMAID 10TH028688888 F 28/10/2007 Main - G None
IREBY PANSY 7TH02686254 F 17/05/2007 Main None
HOOTON FAIR INVENTION02687143 M 08/04/2007 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 220TH VG 8502685685 F 21/03/2007 Main None
IREBY ANNE 5TH02685431 F 20/03/2007 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 219TH EX 9202684692 F 19/11/2006 Main None
HOOTON DELILA 9TH VG 8702684691 F 27/10/2006 Main None
ABLINGTON STRAWBERRY 11TH02684497 F 25/09/2006 Main None
IREBY BROWN EYES 4TH02684408 F 25/09/2006 Main None
ABLINGTON EAVES FAIRY 4TH02684493 F 07/09/2006 Main None
ABLINGTON BABIANA 7TH02684486 F 06/04/2006 Main None
GOODWICK SERAPHINA 164TH02681310 F 16/10/2005 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 211TH GP 8302682699 F 06/10/2005 Main None
ABLINGTON NANCY 9TH02682387 F 28/09/2005 Main None
ABLINGTON FAIRY 13TH02682383 F 31/08/2005 Main None
ABLINGTON DUCHESS 10TH02682381 F 24/08/2005 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 210TH EX 9102681787 F 31/07/2005 Main None
ABLINGTON HALE ROSE 8TH02680556 F 14/09/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON LADY 5TH02680552 F 24/08/2004 Main None
MAXTON ALICIA 13TH02680431 F 09/06/2004 Main None
MAXTON WILD SALLY 43RD GP 8302680429 F 23/03/2004 Main None
TONELEA PANSY 192ND VG 8702678592 F 07/03/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON PRINCESS 10TH02678585 F 03/02/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON FAIRY 11TH02678583 F 30/01/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON FAIRY 12TH VG 8602678584 F 30/01/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON FAIRMAID 10TH VG 8802678582 F 01/01/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON STRAWBERRY 9TH02678366 F 25/12/2003 Main None
MAXTON SNOW QUEEN 91ST02679950 F 15/12/2003 Main None
MAXTON SNOW QUEEN 90TH02679949 F 06/12/2003 Main None
MAXTON FANNY 26TH02679945 F 25/11/2003 Main None
MAXTON BARRINGTON CINDERELLA 11TH02682892 F 02/11/2003 Main None
ABLINGTON BUTTERFLY 12TH02677806 F 16/10/2003 Main None
ABLINGTON BUTTERFLY 13TH02677807 F 16/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON SNOW QUEEN 88TH02677583 F 13/10/2003 Main None
DRISGOL CLARIBEL 2ND02677899 F 13/10/2003 Main None
DRISGOL DAINTY PRINCESS 29TH02677898 F 12/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON CHARLOTTE 3RD GP 8402677582 F 12/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON WILD SALLY 40TH02677580 F 09/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON ADA 15TH EX 9102677581 F 09/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON WILD SALLY 39TH02677579 F 07/10/2003 Main None
DRISGOL GAMA 8TH02677894 F 06/10/2003 Main None
MAXTON ALICIA 11TH VG 8602677578 F 04/10/2003 Main None
DRISGOL WINSOME 15TH02677887 F 20/09/2003 Main None
MAXTON ROSEBUD 14TH02677577 F 19/09/2003 Main None
MAXTON SNOW QUEEN 87TH02677576 F 10/09/2003 Main None
MAXTON LADY HERMIONE 77TH EX 9102677575 F 31/08/2003 Main None
MAXTON SOPHIA 10TH GP 8402677574 F 16/08/2003 Supplementary None
DRISGOL LADY SYBELLA 74TH02676144 F 06/05/2003 Main None
BRAFELL MELODY02675924 F 01/05/2003 Main None
DRISGOL BELLADONNA 150TH02676143 F 30/04/2003 Main None
WHITCHESTER FIREMAN MELODY02677101 F 04/04/2003 Main None
BLACKNUCK LILIAN02675733 F 24/03/2003 Main None
DRISGOL DARLINGTON CRAN 41ST02676133 F 23/03/2003 Main None
BLACKNUCK FAIRY02675732 F 18/03/2003 Main None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 35TH02675146 F 13/11/2002 Main None
DRISGOL STAR 2ND VG 8602675108 F 29/09/2002 Main None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 154TH02674319 F 14/09/2002 Main None
DOWROR TULIP LEAF 16TH02674507 F 17/07/2002 Supplementary None
COTLEY ERIN 84TH02673568 F 30/05/2002 Main None
CHICKLADE CHERRY 49TH VG 8602675144 F 30/04/2002 Main None
COTLEY LADY BARRINGTON 104TH02673071 F 08/04/2002 Main None
COTLEY LILIAN 212TH02673029 F 02/04/2002 Main None
COTLEY LILIAN 210TH VG 8602673026 F 26/03/2002 Main None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 146TH VG 8702675143 F 12/03/2002 Main None
COTLEY ERIN 83RD02673024 F 08/03/2002 Main None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 26TH GP 8302675136 F 05/01/2002 Main None
TONELEA BROAD 25TH VG 8602672400 F 30/11/2001 Supplementary None
TONELEA FOGGATHORPE 18TH EX 9002672399 F 27/11/2001 Supplementary None
DRISGOL DINNIE 6TH02672138 F 15/11/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FILLPAIL 162ND02671918 F 13/11/2001 Supplementary None
TONELEA PANSY 183RD EX 9202672395 F 03/11/2001 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON ENCHANTRESS 6TH02672989 F 02/11/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 145TH EX 9002671916 F 17/10/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 33RD02671914 F 08/10/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 209TH02672349 F 07/10/2001 Supplementary None
TONELEA BRIDESMAID 201ST02672392 F 29/09/2001 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PANSY 7TH02672983 F 29/09/2001 Main None
ABLINGTON BUTTERFLY 8TH02672980 F 28/09/2001 Main None
ABLINGTON BUTTERFLY 9TH VG 8802672981 F 28/09/2001 Main None
ABLINGTON PAT 11TH02672982 F 28/09/2001 Main None
TONELEA BRIDESMAID 200TH02672390 F 22/09/2001 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON HALE ROSE 6TH02672976 F 20/09/2001 Main None
ABLINGTON PANSY 6TH02672975 F 19/09/2001 Main None
COTLEY DIGITALIS 63RD02672339 F 15/09/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY DIGITALIS 64TH02672340 F 15/09/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 150TH EX 9302672341 F 15/09/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 141ST VG 8602672347 F 11/09/2001 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON LADY 4TH02672972 F 22/08/2001 Main None
DOWROR TULIP LEAF 14TH02671571 F 16/08/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY HAZEL 68TH02670640 F 27/06/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 207TH02670629 F 26/04/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY DIGITALIS 62ND02670623 F 26/03/2001 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 139TH H4 7402670622 F 10/03/2001 Supplementary None
NEJAY FANCY 8-RED0110176658 F 09/03/2001 Other None
ABLINGTON FAIRY 6TH02670046 F 06/03/2001 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON ORCHIS 5TH02670045 F 03/03/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CHERRY 48TH02670586 F 26/02/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 19TH VG 8502670585 F 23/02/2001 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 47TH02670036 F 19/02/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CLARIBEL 3RD02670373 F 27/01/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE MAUDE 4TH02670008 F 02/01/2001 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BELINDA 6TH EX 9002668449 F 27/12/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 30TH VG 8902668448 F 20/12/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK SOLO 100TH02668635 F 24/11/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 24TH VG 8802668247 F 24/11/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FAIRY 23RD VG 8502668245 F 01/11/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY OXFORD 55TH GP 8302668361 F 27/10/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 23RD VG 8502668243 F 23/10/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON LADY 3RD02668797 F 21/10/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 205TH GP 8002668359 F 18/10/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON HANDSOME 3RD02668795 F 15/10/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK BARRINGTON DUCHESS 44TH GP 8302668633 F 06/10/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON DIGITALIS 24TH02668794 F 06/10/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 142ND02668241 F 06/10/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY MAISIE 55TH02668358 F 05/10/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON BUTTERFLY 6TH02668792 F 02/10/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 18TH02668240 F 30/09/2000 Supplementary None
NEJAY FOGGY 42ND02667738 F 27/09/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PRINCESS 8TH02668791 F 25/09/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PAT 10TH02668790 F 24/09/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON STRAWBERRY 6TH02668789 F 23/09/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON RUTH 5TH02668787 F 18/09/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PRINCESS 7TH02668784 F 13/09/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 141ST VG 8702668237 F 04/09/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK DARLING PRINCESS 46TH02668176 F 04/09/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE EMPRESS 56TH02668236 F 30/08/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 22ND GP 8402668111 F 28/08/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE MELODY 17TH02668109 F 24/08/2000 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON SPOTLESS 7TH02668780 F 12/08/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PANSY 143RD02668108 F 01/08/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FOGGATHORPE 11TH02668107 F 17/07/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 138TH02667515 F 17/06/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK LADY LAURA 9TH GP 8302667721 F 09/06/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY ERIN 76TH02667510 F 21/05/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK SOLO 98TH EX 9002667718 F 06/05/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 202ND EX 9302667506 F 27/04/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY MELODY 126TH GP 8402667501 F 08/04/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FOGGATHORPE 10TH02666883 F 27/03/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 137TH02667497 F 24/03/2000 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 198TH02667491 F 04/02/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CHERRY 47TH02666528 F 13/01/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK POPPY BARRINGTON 66TH02666689 F 07/01/2000 Supplementary None
GOODWICK OXFORDIA 48TH02666688 F 04/01/2000 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 21ST02666524 F 11/12/1999 Supplementary None
GOODWICK DARLINGTON PRINCESS 45TH GP 8402666687 F 10/12/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY FAIRY 121ST EX 9102666111 F 04/12/1999 Supplementary None
GOODWICK WILD QUEEN 192ND GP 8102666685 F 22/11/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FAIRY 22ND H4 7402665614 F 22/10/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY OXFORD 53RD02666101 F 17/10/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY OXFORD 52ND02666102 F 17/10/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CRAN 14TH H3 7502665615 F 15/10/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY DUCHESS 71ST EX 9102666100 F 15/10/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY HAZEL 67TH EX 9202665391 F 09/10/1999 Supplementary None
GOODWICK DARLING PRINCESS 44TH GP 8002666208 F 06/10/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 140TH H4 7402665616 F 05/10/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 139TH VG 8502665617 F 26/09/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 196TH02665387 F 24/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON ROSE 7TH02666351 F 24/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON LILY FAIR 3RD02666350 F 23/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON CHERRY BLOSSOM 3RD02666349 F 20/09/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY BEAUTY 9TH02665386 F 19/09/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 195TH H2 8002665385 F 16/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PRINCESS 6TH02666348 F 14/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON DIGITALIS 23RD02666231 F 10/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON PAT 9TH02666230 F 08/09/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY BATES DUCHESS 23RD02665381 F 08/09/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY ERIN 71ST02665380 F 07/09/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 33RD H3 7602665529 F 03/09/1999 Supplementary None
ABLINGTON WILD QUEEN 6TH02666227 F 19/08/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE JILL 71ST H3 7502665533 F 27/07/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 17TH H4 7202665534 F 13/07/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DARLING 7TH H3 7902665537 F 04/07/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE ROSE 20TH H2 7902665538 F 30/06/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 192ND02665370 F 17/04/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 32ND EX 9202665330 F 06/04/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 134TH H3 7802665363 F 06/04/1999 Supplementary None
COTLEY MELODY 120TH02665351 F 13/03/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 19TH H3 7702663706 F 02/01/1999 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CHERRY 46TH H3 7602662923 F 11/12/1998 Supplementary None
GOODWICK DARLINGTON 97TH02666686 F 08/12/1998 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 138TH EX 9402662399 F 18/09/1998 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 184TH02662398 F 17/09/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FANCY 7TH GP 8002662916 F 02/04/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE LADY LAURA 3 VG 8802662598 F 10/03/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE LILY 28TH H4 7402662597 F 07/03/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FOGGATHORPE 9TH GP 8002662596 F 26/02/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 137TH02660381 F 02/02/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 30TH GP 8402660379 F 20/01/1998 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 29TH H4 7002660377 F 19/12/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE VERACITY 4TH GP 8302659548 F 15/12/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE JILL 69TH H3 7802659547 F 02/12/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CRAN 13TH H3 7702659542 F 01/11/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FOGGATHORPE 8TH VG 8702659541 F 31/10/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE MAUDE 3RD H3 7602659539 F 07/10/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 135TH H3 7602659537 F 26/09/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 28TH GP 8302659538 F 26/09/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BERNIE 6TH GP 8402659533 F 26/08/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE ROSE 18TH GP 8102659530 F 17/08/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DARLING 6TH VG 8602659529 F 07/08/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 13TH GP 8002659149 F 28/06/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE JILL 68TH EX 9002658091 F 02/05/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE KATHLEEN 10TH G 7802658090 F 12/03/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PAT 89TH VG 8902657737 F 31/01/1997 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 18TH GP 8402656499 F 11/12/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 132ND02656497 F 29/11/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FAIRY 18TH GP 8302656253 F 02/10/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 23RD02656252 F 19/09/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE STRAWBERRY 241ST EX 9402656251 F 09/09/1996 Supplementary None
WARDON ANNIE 55TH02656145 F 03/09/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE HANDSOME 38TH VG 8602655942 F 02/09/1996 Supplementary None
WARDON BARONESS 75TH02656143 F 19/08/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FANCY 6TH GP 8402655217 F 16/08/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE STAR 47TH02654647 F 16/04/1996 Supplementary None
WARDON PRINCESS 55TH02656134 F 31/03/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE RUBY 153RD VG 8602654642 F 19/02/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PEARL 25TH GP 8202654641 F 18/02/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE QUEEN 38TH02654210 F 10/01/1996 Supplementary None
WARDON MUSICAL 76TH02654852 F 09/01/1996 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 10TH02654209 F 01/01/1996 Supplementary None
WARDON RED PRINCESS 52ND02652806 F 16/12/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY ANNE 40TH EX 9002652503 F 26/09/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY MELODY 100TH GP 8202652498 F 10/09/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DUCHESS 27TH02651248 F 24/08/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FANCY 5TH VG 8702651247 F 18/08/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FILLPAIL 161ST02651244 F 14/08/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY BATES DUCHESS 20TH GP 8302652484 F 08/08/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 20TH VG 8802651240 F 04/08/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 161ST VG 8702652480 F 29/05/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE STAR 45TH02651030 F 09/05/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FAIRY 17TH02651027 F 15/04/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 127TH VG 8802652476 F 09/04/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY FAIRY 104TH VG 8902652471 F 20/03/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY SOLO 126TH VG 8802652469 F 18/03/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY ANNE 39TH VG 8802652470 F 18/03/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY LADY BARRINGTON 81ST VG 8602652467 F 12/03/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY MUSICAL MARINA 13TH VG 8602652466 F 02/03/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CHERRY 45TH02651024 F 01/03/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE JILL 65TH VG 8702651023 F 25/02/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CRAN 9TH02650020 F 11/02/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 9TH02650021 F 07/02/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PANSY 126TH VG 8502650019 F 04/02/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PANSY 125TH02650018 F 20/01/1995 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE RUBY 152ND02650017 F 19/01/1995 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 124TH VG 8802647714 F 31/12/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE CRAN 8TH02647383 F 24/12/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE WILDEYES 19TH G 7902647384 F 24/12/1994 Supplementary None
COTLEY LADY BARRINGTON 80TH VG 8902647697 F 05/09/1994 Supplementary None
COTLEY DUCHESS 62ND VG 8802646907 F 03/08/1994 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 119TH VG 8602646779 F 06/04/1994 Supplementary None
COTLEY LILIAN 157TH VG 8802646895 F 06/04/1994 Supplementary None
COTLEY FOGGATHORPE LASS 118TH VG 8702646777 F 01/04/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE HERMIONE 4TH VG 8902645019 F 15/01/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE LADY LAURA 2ND02645018 F 12/01/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE FLOWER 7TH VG 8602645017 F 11/01/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE HANDSOME 35TH VG 8602645016 F 07/01/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE KATHLEEN 6TH VG 8802645015 F 05/01/1994 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DARLING 2ND VG 8802642796 F 15/08/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE STRAWBERRY 236TH GP 8002642795 F 11/08/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE PANSY 113TH GP 8302642793 F 31/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE LORD FIREMAN02642813 M 29/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE MYRTLE 2ND02642790 F 25/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BERNIE 3RD02642791 F 25/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE ROSE 13TH VG 8602642792 F 25/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BELINDA 2ND02642787 F 22/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE NANCY 4TH02642786 F 21/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE SPOT 47TH02642785 F 20/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE BEAUTY 122ND VG 8602642784 F 19/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE DAINTY 12TH02642783 F 18/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE QUEEN 33RD GP 8002642782 F 16/07/1993 Supplementary None
CHICKLADE MELODY 13TH02642781 F 13/07/1993 Supplementary None