The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom and Ireland
Herd Book Number 02671146 Twin Code None
Eartag UK-107470-700011 Date of Birth 13/11/2000
Register Main Grade None
Breeder G and B Bell Herd Book Year 2001
Owner G and B Bell Colour Red Little White
Sire Dam
Rel%MilkFat kgPro kgFat%Pro%Pro%PIN£PLI
Progeny Classifications
7 28 28 7 4 1
207 Progeny
NameHerd Book NumSexBirth DateRegisterGrade
IRTHINGVALE REBEL FAIRY 4028717436 F 30/05/2016 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL FAIRY 3028717433 F 25/05/2016 Main - G None
SUNRISE REBEL LADY LAURA028709659 F 02/09/2014 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL REDROSE 2028712411 F 22/05/2014 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL FAIRY 2028713146 F 19/03/2014 Main - G None
SUNRISE REBEL MARCIA028708148 F 26/11/2013 Main - G None
SUNRISE REBEL028708147 M 24/11/2013 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL REDROSE 3028712412 F 06/06/2013 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL RED ROSE028705153 F 21/02/2012 Main - G None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL NIOBE ROSE GP 82028705154 F 11/07/2011 Main - G None
GOODWICK RUBY 11TH028698553 F 02/09/2010 Main - G None
BRINSBURY VI 2ND028693512 F 22/10/2009 Main - G None
BRINSBURY STRAWBERRY DAIRYMAID 7TH VG 85028692695 F 09/10/2009 Main - G None
BRINSBURY MARGOT 6TH VG 85028692615 F 03/10/2009 Main - G None
HONEYROSE MELODY028696858 F 18/09/2009 Main - G None
BRINSBURY SNOWQUEEN 3RD028692442 F 09/09/2009 Main - G None
BRINSBURY LADY 6TH VG 86028692392 F 29/08/2009 Main - G None
GOODWICK BARRINGTON DUCHESS 50TH F 72028691269 F 20/01/2009 Main - G None
MARLEYCOTE OLIVE 13TH028690190 F 14/10/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY HILDA 5TH028689574 F 02/10/2008 Main - G None
GOODWICK WILD QUEEN 202ND028689638 F 28/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY DIGITALIS 3RD GP 82028689328 F 19/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY MILLICENT 6TH028689330 F 17/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY STRAWBERRY DAIRYMAID 6TH028689329 F 13/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY TINY 3RD028689332 F 11/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY MILLICENT 5TH EX 91028689215 F 07/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY BRIDESMAID 1ST028689214 F 06/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY GENTLE 2ND028689213 F 03/09/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY ADA 4TH028689212 F 31/08/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY DAIRYMAID 4TH028689211 F 29/08/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY HILDA 4TH028689061 F 14/08/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY STRAWBERRY DAIRYMAID 5TH028689017 F 12/08/2008 Main - G None
BRINSBURY WATERLOO ROSE 5TH028689018 F 27/07/2008 Main - G None
WALLHOPE VALES BARRINGTON 2ND VG 86028695672 F 16/07/2008 Main - G None
SPALK REBEL CLARISSA 11TH028690249 F 22/04/2008 Main - G None
GOODWICK POPPY BARRINGTON 74TH028688073 F 28/02/2008 Main - G None
DALCH REBEL BELLA02687443 F 03/12/2007 Main None
BRIMCLOSE MARCIA 3RD02687404 F 14/11/2007 Main None
BRIMCLOSE NIRVANA 2ND02686819 F 26/08/2007 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ALIDIA 2ND02687009 F 12/08/2007 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL NESSY02686998 F 16/07/2007 Supplementary None
YEWTREE REBEL BUTTERSCOTCH02687000 F 16/07/2007 Supplementary None
YEWTREE REBEL RACHEAL02686996 F 11/07/2007 Main None
BRIMCLOSE ORCHID 2ND02686685 F 08/07/2007 Main None
BRIMCLOSE LYNX02686135 F 26/05/2007 Main None
BRIMCLOSE LYRA 2ND02686029 F 23/05/2007 Main None
WALLHOPE VALES FOGGATHORPE028695662 F 10/05/2007 Main - G None
BRIMCLOSE TORCH 2ND02686133 F 07/05/2007 Main None
SPALK REBEL CLARISSA 9TH02686619 F 17/04/2007 Main None
SPALK REBEL DAISY 3RD02686616 F 05/04/2007 Main None
SPALK ROYAL CLARISSA 8TH VG 8702686615 F 02/04/2007 Main None
SPALK REBEL CLARISSA 7TH02686614 F 29/03/2007 Main None
YEWTREE RESEL ANNA G 7802686098 F 26/03/2007 Main None
MARLEYCOTE REBEL TINY VG 8602685351 F 07/03/2007 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL PRINCESS02685962 F 05/03/2007 Main None
LINCOOL HEATHER 10TH EX 95028696474 F 23/02/2007 Main - G None
BRIMCLOSE PANSY 6TH028703307 F 03/12/2006 Main - G None
WALLHOPE VALES BEAUTY02685496 F 15/11/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ANNETTE 2ND02685091 F 28/10/2006 Supplementary None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL STARLET 2028712423 F 28/10/2006 Main - G None
BOOTHDALE BROOM 31ST GP 8102685335 F 22/10/2006 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL TULIP028705152 F 30/09/2006 Main - G None
YEWTREE REBEL BECCY02684871 F 20/09/2006 Supplementary None
WALLHOPE VALES BARRINGTON VG 8502685495 F 01/09/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL PRINCESS 3RD02684454 F 26/07/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL PRINCESS 2ND02684448 F 20/07/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL MANDY GP 8402684234 F 08/07/2006 Supplementary None
BOOTHDALE LADY HERMIONE 3RD VG 8502684145 F 04/07/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL TRIXIE02684231 F 29/06/2006 Supplementary None
YEWTREE REBEL TERESA02684230 F 27/06/2006 Main None
BRIMCLOSE NIRVANA02686818 F 23/06/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DONNA02684219 F 08/06/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL STELLA02684215 F 28/05/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL IRIS 2ND02684236 F 23/05/2006 Main None
WALLHOPE VALES FAIRYSTAR 2ND VG 8802685494 F 26/04/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DUCHESS 4TH02683920 F 22/04/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DUCHESS 3RD02683917 F 09/04/2006 Main None
SPALK CLARISSA 6TH02683861 F 07/04/2006 Main None
SPALK CLARISSA 5TH GP 8202683860 F 06/04/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL TINY 2ND02683915 F 31/03/2006 Main None
WALLHOPE VALES FAIRYSTAR02685492 F 20/03/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL BUTTERBUR GP 8102683319 F 18/01/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ANNE02683311 F 15/01/2006 Supplementary None
YEWTREE REBEL TINY F 7402683307 F 06/01/2006 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DAPHNE VG 8902683318 F 02/01/2006 Grading Foundation
IRTHINGVALE REBELS LADYLAURA028688616 F 01/01/2006 Main - G None
YEWTREE IKE MONTA 3RD VG 8702683304 F 01/01/2006 Supplementary None
YEWTREE REBEL PRINCESS GP 8002683302 F 25/12/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL KATY 2ND02683300 F 21/12/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ANNETTA GP 8202683317 F 08/12/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL MONTA02683298 F 08/12/2005 Supplementary None
PENNYGATE LUCINA 8TH02682975 F 05/12/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY FOGGATHORPE FRAGRANCE 28TH GP 8002682794 F 04/12/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL IRIS GP 8102683295 F 29/11/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 87TH02682792 F 16/11/2005 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 75TH G 7702682434 F 04/11/2005 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS STARLET VG 8602686562 F 01/11/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL RUBY02682873 F 09/10/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL REBA02682872 F 01/10/2005 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 73RD P 6402683661 F 30/09/2005 Main None
YEWTREE ELLIOT EX 9302684457 M 25/09/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ALICIA VG 8802682481 F 12/09/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL POLLY GP 8302682479 F 11/09/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY LADY BARRINGTON 18TH02682221 F 24/08/2005 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS CHERRYPIE02686561 F 19/08/2005 Main None
BRIMCLOSE PAMELA 3RD02682521 F 14/08/2005 Main None
NEJAY BONTJE GP 8202682153 F 03/08/2005 Main None
MARLEYCOTE FLEUR 16TH GP 8102682327 F 03/08/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL KATY02682465 F 21/07/2005 Main None
GOODWICK DARLINGTON 105TH02682311 F 20/07/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL IONA VG 8602682458 F 15/07/2005 Main None
BRIMCLOSE MAUD 2ND02681912 F 13/07/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 80TH02682226 F 11/07/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 79TH02682225 F 10/07/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL ANNETTE02682457 F 09/07/2005 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 78TH02686559 F 08/07/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL MARY02682453 F 23/06/2005 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DUCHESS 2ND02682454 F 23/06/2005 Main None
BRIMCLOSE PATRIARCH02681904 M 14/06/2005 Main None
BRECKNEY RUTH 5TH EX 91028689046 F 12/06/2005 Main - G None
STRICKLEY LADY HERMIONE 9TH02681589 F 01/06/2005 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS DELIGHT 2ND02686560 F 27/04/2005 Grading Grade B
STRICKLEY STARLET 76TH G 7602681580 F 20/04/2005 Main None
PENNYGATE LILY FAIR 46TH02682101 F 07/04/2005 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL FAIRY028698572 F 30/03/2005 Main - G None
CARGENWEN FILLPAIL 16TH02681423 F 24/03/2005 Main None
DRISGOL DAISY 111TH02681521 F 13/03/2005 Main None
DRISGOL DIANA 42ND VG 8702681523 F 13/03/2005 Main None
NEJAY PRINCE 2ND02682629 M 03/03/2005 Main None
MARLEYCOTE QUEEN MAUD 7TH F 7302681207 F 03/03/2005 Main None
HOOTON FAIR TRIBUTE02682986 M 01/03/2005 Main None
HOOTON FAIRY DUCHESS 34TH GP 8302681153 F 25/02/2005 Main None
MARLEYCOTE PRUNELLA 6TH GP 8302681205 F 18/02/2005 Main None
MARLEYCOTE PRUNELLA 7TH VG 8502681206 F 18/02/2005 Main None
MARLEYCOTE WIN JILL 7TH02681200 F 02/02/2005 Main None
NEJAY DMM DUCHESS 2ND02681089 F 23/01/2005 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBEL PEARLA029693287 F 16/01/2005 Appendix None
PENNYGATE LADY HERMIONE 10TH02681350 F 06/01/2005 Main None
PENNYGATE LADY HERMIONE 11TH02681351 F 06/01/2005 Main None
ABLINGTON MOLLY 3RD02680827 F 31/12/2004 Main None
NEJAY SONNSCHEIN 4TH GP 8102680761 F 17/12/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARBUD 32ND VG 8502681577 F 15/12/2004 Main None
PENNYGATE HEATHER 10TH02681347 F 14/12/2004 Main None
MARLEYCOTE PEERESS ROSE 373RD02680352 F 13/12/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS EMERALD 2ND02680677 F 10/12/2004 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 33RD02680608 F 05/12/2004 Main None
CARGENWEN SOLO02680607 F 02/12/2004 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 71ST02680357 F 28/11/2004 Main None
NEJAY FOGGY 70TH02680356 F 23/11/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS WILDMAID GP 8002680675 F 08/11/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 73RD02680051 F 05/11/2004 Main None
HOOTON FAIRY DUCHESS 33RD VG 8602680212 F 04/11/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS NAOMI VG 8802680674 F 28/10/2004 Main None
BRIMCLOSE PANSY 2ND GP 8202681406 F 26/10/2004 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 207TH02680211 F 16/10/2004 Main None
ABLINGTON SOLO 25TH02680558 F 15/10/2004 Main None
NEJAY JRM QUEENIE 2ND02680154 F 13/10/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARBUD 31ST02680046 F 10/10/2004 Main None
RODWAY BONTJE 7TH GP 8302680416 F 04/10/2004 Main None
GOODWICK PERRY BLOSSOM 2ND G 7502680653 F 04/10/2004 Main None
DRISGOL RUBY 20TH GP 8102680392 F 27/09/2004 Main None
DRISGOL DELILAH 64TH G 7902680393 F 27/09/2004 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 205TH02680208 F 18/09/2004 Main None
DRISGOL MABEL 34TH VG 8502680378 F 15/09/2004 Main None
DRISGOL MABEL 33RD GP 8202680376 F 12/09/2004 Main None
YEWTREE REBEL DUCHESS VG 8602680580 F 12/09/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY GOLDIE 165TH GP 8102680041 F 12/09/2004 Main None
BRIMCLOSE PEERESS ROSE 2ND G 7502681404 F 09/09/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 72ND02680021 F 06/09/2004 Main None
DRISGOL WATERLOO 91ST02680374 F 04/09/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARLET 71ST02680023 F 02/09/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY STARBUD 28TH02680020 F 02/09/2004 Main None
CHURCHROYD GENTLE 54TH EX 9202680184 F 30/08/2004 Main None
BRIMCLOSE DEWDROP 2ND02681403 F 29/08/2004 Main None
HOOTON FAIR REQUEST02681884 M 29/08/2004 Main None
STRICKLEY OAK BARRINGTON 8TH F 7102680012 F 18/08/2004 Main None
RODWAY LILIANS DUCHESS GP 8002679842 F 15/08/2004 Main None
RODWAY RED ROSE 31ST02679840 F 04/08/2004 Main None
CARGENWEN LITTLE JANE 31ST02679920 F 01/08/2004 Main None
HOOTON FAIR REBEL02682838 M 28/07/2004 Main None
HOOTON LILY FAIR 221ST GP 8202685633 F 28/07/2004 Main None
GOODWICK DARLINGTON 102ND G 7802680152 F 26/07/2004 Main None
RODWAY WILDMAID 27TH GP 8402679832 F 20/07/2004 Main None
BRIMCLOSE TINY02680593 F 15/07/2004 Main None
DEE AUTUMN ROSE GP 8302679762 F 12/07/2004 Main None
GOODWICK STRAWBERRY CREAM 7TH02680151 F 03/07/2004 Main None
GOODWICK SOLO 105TH VG 8602680150 F 28/06/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS DUCHESS02680673 F 28/06/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS AMETHYST02680672 F 24/06/2004 Main None
CHURCHROYD DAISY 29TH VG 8702680178 F 06/06/2004 Main None
HOOTON STELLA 40TH VG 8602679851 F 05/06/2004 Main None
CHURCHROYD GENTLE 53RD GP 8202680176 F 04/06/2004 Main None
CHURCHROYD RAINBOW 5TH02680177 F 04/06/2004 Grading Foundation
CHURCHROYD MILLY 2ND02680175 F 01/06/2004 Grading Grade B
HOOTON FLORA GWYNNE 41ST02679850 F 31/05/2004 Main None
HOOTON NELLIE 7TH EX 9002679848 F 25/05/2004 Main None
BRIMCLOSE ERIN 2ND02679589 F 03/05/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS CHERRY02680671 F 22/04/2004 Grading Grade A
RODWAY BUTTERBUR 40TH EX 9002679014 F 21/04/2004 Main None
RODWAY ORGINE 9TH GP 8202679013 F 13/04/2004 Main None
CHURCHROYD TEAL 2ND VG 8502679069 F 21/03/2004 Grading Grade A
IRTHINGVALE REBELS SPOT02680670 F 10/02/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS LILIAN02680669 F 01/02/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS MEG VG 8802680668 F 20/01/2004 Main None
IRTHINGVALE REBELS EMERALD02680667 F 24/07/2003 Grading Grade B
IRTHINGVALE REBELS DELIGHT VG 8602680665 F 18/06/2003 Grading Grade B
IRTHINGVALE REBELS EMPRESS VG 88023688615 F 23/07/2002 Grading Grade A